In the World

Who Is My Neighbor?

All People Are Children of God. 

Our “neighbors” live far outside of Rhode Island and across borders and oceans.  As a church comprised of members from all over the globe, it is especially important to find ways to serve those who live far away.

Our Mission

We support organizations who are “on the ground”

We are in the planning stages of an International Service Trip for Summer 2025.  In the past, our church members have gone on several medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic.  Other members have participated in service trips to Ghana, Uganda, and other countries through their work as teachers and doctors.

On the right is a Community Church member working at an outdoor neurology clinic in Uganda.

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As our 2025 Service Trip reaches a further planning stage, we will share information here. Have another question? Please reach out to us using the below form.

How Can I Participate?


When you give financially to Community Church, you can designate a gift to one of our partner organizations.