Daniel Hill

Music Director

    Mr. Daniel Hill, our Music Director, has blessed Community with his musical talent for four years, currently directing our church band and leading worship.  He is a talented keyboardist, pianist, and organist and a three time winner of the Rhode Island Music Motif Award. 

    Mr. Hill received his Associates degree in Jazz Studies from CCRI, followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Piano Performance at the University of Rhode Island.  He has played the piano for 14 years, including many genres of music – Jazz, RnB, Blues, Rock, Country, Classical, Gospel, and Hip Hop and studying under many great teachers and professors, notably Dr. Audrey Kaiser, Dr. Steve Lajoie, Joe Parillo, Dave Zinno, Jared Sims, and Andre Sims.

    Outside of music, he loves playing basketball and is a huge Celtics fan, and also enjoys watching football.

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